Board of Directors

Nick Huber
Chairman, Board of Directors

Matthias Altendorf
Board of Directors

Jürgen Rauch
Board of Directors

Dr. Daniel Bühler
Board of Directors

Dr. Astrid Waser
Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Roland Weiger
Board of Directors

Dr. Alison Zwingenberger

Dr. Allison Zwingenberger
Board of Directors

Executive Management COLTENE Group

Dominik Arnold

Dominik Arnold
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Markus Abderhalden, CFO COLTENE

Markus Abderhalden
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Gregor Picard
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr. Werner Barth
Vice President Product Management / Group Marketing

Dr. Martin Schlüter
Vice President R&D / Innovation COLTENE Group

Di Hu
Vice President Sales & Marketing Communication EU&ROW (CSO)

Paul Frey
Vice President Sales & Marketing Communication North America

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